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Charlotte : Less is More       


Part-time teachers and full-time surfers, Charlotte and Benjamin have organised their lives to bring their children Jules and Valentin around the world. Behind the scenes.

What is the biggest challenge for you when you go on a 6 month trip ? 


Surviving for 6 months is a hell of a challenge ! We have to find the best plans to travel and sleep with our limited budget. So we have to communicate with people, often there are no signs or anything, and no way to find information on the Internet before we arrive… We improvise a lot ! 


The biggest challenge is to find perfect and empty waves ! We do a lot of research before our trips but then, you have to be patient to wait for the right swell and wind direction for the perfect wave to work ! 


What surprised you the most during your trip in Indonesia ? 


We spent one month on an island on the Pacific side of Indonesia, and we didn’t come across a single Westerner, despite the waves and a very rich surfing culture ! 


And in Ireland ? 


The raw and savage beauty of the landscapes… and also it was bloody cold in the middle of June !  


Getting your children to keep up to date with school must be a big challenge during your trips. Does it always go according to plan ? 


Because we don’t plan anything, I guess everything goes according to plan ! The idea is to do one hour a day every day of the week, without taking holidays ! And the children also write and read when they want to. 


Do you feel like you’ve passed the torch to your children Jules and Valentin ? 


This summer, Jules wanted to work even though he just turned 15… He wants to start raising some money so he can travel when he will be old enough. So I guess we can say that he already wants to make his own decisions to make his dreams become a reality ! 


What is your next big adventure ? 


We have too many dreams for one life ! This summer’s adventure is to discover (or re-discover) France with our truck. Right now, we are renting our house, so we found a beautiful bit of forest, just 6 km away from our home !   



What is your favourite wave ? 


Charlotte: the left in T Land on the island of Rote, in Timor. But apparently now it’s crowded ! 

Benjamin : a long right-hand point break an hour’s drive away from home, that comes alive  on big winter days… 

Jules : Lagundri bay in Nias 

Valentin : Macaronis in Mentawai


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