One breath around the world

Length: 12 minutes - Director: Julie Gautier & Guillaume Néry - Producer: Almo Film

With Guillaume Néry as a guide, it is impossible to resist the enchanting beauty of the deep seas ! The two time free-diving world champion invite us to explore the four corners of the world, from Japan to Mexico and from Finland to the Mauritius. Eight months of filming cut into twelve minutes of images. Truly breathtaking !


Length: 21 min - Director: Bjarne Salen

Catch a wave with the incredible Paige Alms. A big wave world champion, with multiple awards, Paige is known for pushing the limits of women’s surfing. In this film, she shares an insight into her daily life, and the incredible training techniques she uses to attack her favourite wave: Jaws.

Dug Out

Length: 40 min - Director: Benjamin Sadd

Who has'nt dreamed about building their very own boat and rowing it down the river? Inspired by the native Huaorani tribe in Ecuador, Benjamin Sadd and James Trundle attempt to build their very own “Pirogue” - a long narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk, that they find themselves in the forest. Their objective? To discover the rain forest and follow the Ysauni river deep into the Amazon! A film packed with humour, adventure, and beautiful landscapes, not to be missed!


Length: 90 min - Director: Léa Rinaldi - Producer: Aléa Films

Jump right in to the world renowned Mini Transat - a solo crossing of the Atlantic.  Join Ian Lipinski on his 6.5 m yacht in the heart of this challenging race . After capsizing in 2013 and winning in 2015,  Ian has made it his goal to bring home the Mini Transat 2017 title. A sailing log brought to life, Sillages shares the honest truth about life on board: the fears, pain and happiness faced by the participants of this exceptional race. Alone, and confronted by immensity of the ocean their stories are guaranteed to leave you inspired.

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