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Length : 7 minutes

Director : Josiah Gordon

Take a deep dive into the magical world of the cenotes for a mystical dance, 30 meters below the surface in Yucatan, Mexico. 


With sensational imagery and a soundtrack that will leave you speechless, the immensely talented Josiah Gordon tells us a powerful story- without using a single word. Absolutely breathtaking, especially on a big screen ! 

We slept under the sea

Photo Capsule l'Equipe.jpg

Length : 36 minutes 

Director : Vincent Perazio - special edit by the Offshore Film Festival team

For the first time of their lives, they don’t have to go back up... In their new Under the Pole “house” 20 meters below the surface of the ocean, a team of divers lives in complete harmony with the fish (and whales !). Twenty-four hours a day, the divers study Moorea’s coral reef and ecosystem, as they attempt to get the first ever images of the spawning of the reef. A breathtaking adventure full of dreams, technical prowess and scientific discoveries !  

Less is more


Length : 52 minutes

Director : Mathias Joubert

A family searching for the perfect wave ! Part-time teachers and full-time surfers, Charlotte and Benjamin have organised their lives to bring their children around the world. 6 months a year, the family wanders the globe to discover new cultures, far from new technologies and mass consumption. From Indonesia to Ireland, they show us their unconventional lifestyle. 

Beware of showing this to your children! 

The Weekend Sailor

The weekend sailor.jpg

Only available in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Length : 55 minutes

Director : Simon Le Bon

Come aboard the Sayula II, alongside Mexican adventurer Ramon Carlin. In 1973, he decided to take part in the first edition of the Whitbread, a particularly demanding sailing race around the world and through the Roaring Forties and Cape Horn. Discover the magnificent adventure of this amateur crew ready to face the great favourites of the time, starting with Eric Tabarly.


Maiden film.jpg

This film won't be at the program in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark.  It will be replaced by The Weekend Sailor (see above). 

Length : 48 minutes

Director : Alex Holmes

Maiden takes you through the fierce and dramatic story of Tracy Edwards. In 1989, just 24, she decides to compete in the Whitbread, the most famous sailing race around the world, with a 100 % female crew. A revolution at the time, as she not only has to take on the dangers of the sea but also confront the values of a sport that until then, was forbidden to women. A very inspiring movie about the power of one’s faith, courage, and willingness to challenge the norm. Must sea ! 

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